Power Flow

This class is taught by:

Nicole Yoder

Nicole Yoder has been part of the Plymouth and Northville Yoga Rooms since 2015. She’s been teaching various forms of fitness since she was
18, her first aerobics class being when she was in 3rd grade after school with her mom and a bunch of other teachers. She received her yoga certification in 2006 and began teaching, having come to the realization that through her yoga practice and teachings,
she could actually live the life she’s always wanted - and that’s what she works toward each and everyday.
Nicole once worked in automotive, has managed various fitness
studios, planned and executed big events, yada, yada and has a pretty strong resume, but her best work is her family, the day-to-day, her time dedicated to yoga, and the surroundings she keeps. Having renewed and updated her certification in 2017, Nicole continues
to help others deepen their practice. Nicole's teachings are guided by her desire to share with others, easy, relatable ways to look at ups, downs, challenges, and life in general through their time on their mat. She has a life-long dedication and ability to connect with others through her experiences and situations in a way that incorporates humor, love, laughter, intention and breath. Married with a little girl and 2 dogs, Nicole and her family live in Northville, Michigan.

Candice Lamarand

I have always loved yoga from the first time it came into my life in high school. Yoga was something I occasionally did here and there for fun, usually with a friend. Once I started practicing on a regular schedule a few years ago I noticed all of the benefits from it and I always encouraged others to come with me to class. I really loved introducing yoga to others and I enjoyed seeing them grow stronger (physically and mentally) as they continued their practice. At one point I challenged myself to go to all different studios, take every kind of class I could find, and really dig deeper into yoga itself. I ended up in the parking lot of Plymouth yoga room one day and remembered someone had recommended their teacher training program. I looked up their dates, saw that I was available and gave them a call. I went in to teacher training for myself. Signing up for something by myself at a place I had never been was a challenge in itself and one I will always be thankful for. I thought maybe I could eventually teach one day down the road, maybe a pre retirement plan…but I never could have imagined how much I would fall in love with teaching, so when my training was done I started teaching. Nothing could have prepared me for the joy I feel when I teach and the cycle of inspiration that comes from it. I love giving others the opportunity to challenge themselves and to see their excitement that comes when they surprise themselves. I am grateful for this journey, the chance to teach others, but most importantly grateful for all that my students and fellow yogis teach me.

Alice Ahearn

My yoga journey began when I was a fitness instructor many years ago and tried a few yoga classes. I noticed the physical benefits right away. However, I didn’t really connect with yoga at the time so I only practiced occasionally; just enough to keep injuries away. I became a running coach and later a high school Track and Cross Country coach and wanted to keep my athletes healthy. I decided I should investigate yoga further. In 2010 I came to PYR to check it out and bought an 8 class pack. I was all in right away. The space, atmosphere and teachers were all amazing. Immediately, I began practicing 4-5 times per week on a regular basis. The real hook for me was that PYR was the first place that emphasized the connection to the breath and that has always been a primary focus for all my fitness and coaching instruction. I finally went through the PYR Immersion Program last fall. One of the most emphasized parts of the program is to “teach from your practice” and I have taken that very seriously as I want my students to feel like I’m right on the mat next to them as they practice, feeling the same things, maybe thinking the same things. I am so honored to have the opportunity to serve my community through the practice of yoga.  namaste

Ronda Guimond

I started practicing yoga on a regular basis in 2009 when Plymouth Yoga Room first opened. The teachers immediately captured me. I also had an indescribable sense of vulnerability that I could not explain nor was something I particularly embraced at that time. I was focused primarily on the physical benefits of yoga and how it challenged by body. But after a severe humeral fracture resulting in hand surgery and restricted movements often taken for granted, I realized my physical body is not what makes me strong. It is finding patience and choosing how to react to challenges. Yoga elicits both of these personal disciplines. Completing PYR’s Immersion Program in 2015 deepened my practice and created in me a particularly fondness for meditation. Yoga has taught me to be more present, to be in this moment, and that each day is a choice. I am grateful to guide you in the beautiful practice of yoga and learn how it has influenced your journey. Namaste, Ronda

Polly Swingle

I began practicing yoga in 2001 after my second back surgery. Following surgery my doctor sent me to physical therapy for rehabilitation. As a physical therapist myself, I became quickly frustrated due to my slow progress and the continued back pain. I was craving exercise that would strengthen and lengthen my muscles, align my spine, and ease my internal stress. I wandered into a yoga class and struggled with every pose. After one month I was practicing almost daily and incorporated the yoga philosophy into my private and professional life. In the fall of 2014 I completed the PYR Immersion program which deepened my practice of yoga and awakened my interest in sharing my knowledge of yoga with my patients at The Recovery Project as well as students at PYR. As a business owner myself, I have a deep appreciation of the atmosphere, students, staff and ownership at PYR. I am honored to have the opportunity to share my love of yoga with you. Namaste, Polly.

Sheri Rieli

I began practicing yoga from a fitness background, alternating between fitness routines and yoga classes.  Eventually my body started craving yoga, and I found myself wanting to practice on a daily basis.  I immediately began to notice the benefits of a consistent yoga practice both on and off my mat that brought a sense of peace and balance to my personal life.  Yoga has created a passion within me to share all the beautiful benefits of a steady yoga practice with others.  When I started teaching yoga I quickly had the desire to teach in an environment with structure and consistency so that I could watch the students grow within their own practice, allowing them to see & feel the many benefits as well. In 2009 I, along with my husband Brent Rieli, opened the Plymouth Yoga Room. Together we have created a place from which to share our passion and love for yoga.  We help others deepen their practice by offering daily classes, yoga workshops, kids yoga classes, and our Yoga Immersion program.

Julie Silberg

In 2005, tired of my aerobic fitness routine, I was seeking something new. At a friend’s suggestion, I tried yoga. Although it took some time to develop the mind/body connection, I was pretty quickly hooked. Shortly thereafter and with my youngest of four children at home, I learned of a new studio opening-- a studio with great teachers and (a novel concept at the time) childcare. I began practicing at the Plymouth Yoga Room and have maintained a steady practice there since. The rewards I’ve reaped are plentiful: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Yoga has filled a void in my life that I didn’t realize existed. In my busy world of children, schedules, school, sports, and activities, yoga is my refuge for peace and serenity. Some days I come to PYR just to breathe.
In the spring of 2014 I fulfilled my long held aspiration of completing teacher training. I understand that the wealth of knowledge and information I learned was just the tip of the iceberg. Yoga for me is a living, growing practice, with something new to discover each time I come to my mat. I am thrilled to now share my love and passion with my students. I teach from my practice and seek to challenge, inspire and motivate my students while always encouraging them to focus on their breath, remain present in the moment, and feel all there is to feel.

Beth Reepmeyer

My journey with yoga began in 2002. I was one of those people who started practicing yoga for the physical benefits - specifically to stretch more. Throughout the years though, yoga has become much more to me.
Yoga teaches me how to calm my mind, so I can focus on myself and my family. It teaches me how to choose what kind of person I want to be and what kind of choices I want to make, like seeing the light and beauty in everyone around me. It teaches me how to react to challenges. For example, yoga has helped me deal with everything from the craziness of corporate life to the craziness of raising children. Finally, yoga teaches me how to be more grateful. I’m not always successful in understanding and implementing these lessons, but yoga helps me be more aware and get better.
I’ve been fortunate over the years to practice in some amazing cities deeply rooted in yoga, from San Francisco to Chicago to New York to Berlin. I’m grateful to have been influenced by so many teachers, who have inspired and guided me. I’m happy to now be here at PYR, where I have been able to develop new friendships, deepen my yoga practice, and begin a new chapter through teaching.
I look forward to sharing my passion for yoga and helping students deepen their practice. I’m inspired by the dedication I’ve seen in students in my classes, as well as their warmth and friendliness. Regardless of if you’re a beginner or advanced yogi, or somewhere in between, I hope to create a fun, friendly, challenging and supportive environment to practice in.
Guided Vinyasa - cultivate a powerful & healing breath to lead you through an invigorating flow of cleansing, opening and empowering postures. A surefire way to light up your life.

Upcoming classes:

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    at The Northville Yoga Room
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  • Sat Dec 15 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm with Emily Crandall
    at Plymouth Yoga Room
  • Sun Dec 16 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm with Emily Crandall
    at Plymouth Yoga Room
  • Mon Dec 17 9:30 am - 10:30 am with Nicole Yoder
    at The Northville Yoga Room
  • Mon Dec 17 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with Candice Lamarand
    at The Northville Yoga Room
  • Tue Dec 18 6:00 am - 7:00 am with Alice Ahearn
    at Plymouth Yoga Room
  • Tue Dec 18 9:30 am - 10:30 am with Ronda Guimond
    at The Northville Yoga Room